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No other medium manages to convey emotions in such an attention-grabbing way as cinema.

As the leading cinema advertising marketer, we manage over 80 per cent of all national screen campaigns and are Germany’s number 1 when it comes to advertising in the cinema.

We bring your stories to the most emotional advertising environment – no matter if it’s a small regional company or an international corporation – and find the right placement for you.

We have something for every budget. Our flexible booking logic Flex Targeting and Flex Pricing helps us to do this. The “cinema week” was yesterday. You can now book your cinema campaign outside the previous booking logic of the cinema week from Thursday to Wednesday. Your week starts whenever you want.



  • If you have time-limited offers, you can also address only individual days.
  • Time slots give you the possibility to select your target group according to specific times of day
  • We can target locations and films individually so that you deliver your message to the right audience, at the right place, at the right time, on the right day and during the right film.

For maximum success, we use four planning parameters: “film”, “location”, “day” and “time”. They become the basis of every cinema planning and can be combined with each other as desired in accordance with the respective booking regulations.

The result: maximum flexibility with the highest advertising impact in an absolutely brand-safe content environment. And we take brand safety very seriously. With cinema advertising, you always know exactly where, how and when you were seen.

We offer different booking channels:


You want to integrate your campaign into the mega-blockbusters and film highlights? Then Movie Focus is just right for you! Based on our analyses, we define the films in which your message will be received and where you will achieve the maximum impact.

Movie Focus includes:

  • a defined number of contacts
  • in defined film(s) nationally
  • within a predicted target running time


With our Screen Focus we define the locations in which your target group moves and where we can address them sustainably and effectively – right down to the cinema auditorium.

Screen Focus includes:

  • a defined number of contacts
  • in defined location(s), cinema(s) or hall(s) in all films
  • within a predicted target running time


How about a combination of film and location? No problem. With Movie Screen Focus you get the best of all booking channels. Based on films and locations, we give you the biggest possible mark-up for your message.

Movie Screen Focus includes:

  • a defined number of contacts
  • in defined film(s)
  • in defined location(s), cinema(s) or hall(s)
  • within a predicted target running time


The running time can also be an important indicator of the success of your campaign. Especially for short-term or limited offers, focusing on runtime offers great advantages.

Calender Focus includes:

  • a defined runtime
  • with a predicted number of contacts
Flex Targeting in der Kinowerbung

But we don’t just make targeting flexible, we also make our pricing model flexible. There are different CPVs depending on which contacts you want to reach in films, locations, days or time slots. Accordingly, there is no longer one cinema CPV, but your own individual campaign CPV.


You decide which criteria your campaign should fulfil. The indices are based on supply and demand. The more flexible you are, the cheaper your cinema advertising will be.


In practice, it looks like this: You choose every film you want to target. All of them have the same index: 100. The only exceptions are our “salesbusters”. These sought-after titles with above-average demand for advertising space are calculated with the price index 150.


For the selection of locations, the price indices differ according to the number of inhabitants in the respective cities. Cities with a population:inside of less than 99,000 have a price index of 100. Cities with a population:inside of 100,000-499,000 have a price index of 110. Last but not least, cities with a population:inside of more than 500,000 have a price index of 130.


The price indices differ for the day selection category as follows: If you want to book your cinema campaign traditionally as a “Cinema Week” from Thursday to Wednesday, your price index is 100. You want to be more flexible in the day selection and want your cinema campaign to start on a day other than Thursday? Then the “Flex Week” with a price index of 110 is just right for you. Or do you not want your campaign to run for a whole week, but only for three consecutive days? The “3 Day Week” makes it possible. Here the price index is 170.


With the time selection, you decide at what time your commercial should be shown.

Do you want your advertising message to be broadcast throughout the day? Then “Fulltime” with a price index of 100 is your best choice. If you prefer to be shown during the day until 5:59 pm, “Daytime” with a price index of 115 is perfect.

You want to be more targeted in your time selection and show your commercial from 18:00 to 19:59? Then “Pre Primetime” is a good option. The price index here is 140. And if you want your commercial to be shown at “Primetime” from 20:00 to the end of the screening, the price index is 160.

Flex Targeting in der Kinowerbung

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