Weischer.Q develops innovative solutions for the automation of the advertising medium cinema. Our task as a technical service provider for cinema operators and advertising customers is to ensure that advertisements and trailers are shown on the right screen at the right time.

pre-programme Experts

We offer solutions and systems for managing the entire pre-show, thereby unifying the elements of the pre-programme. We think in terms of overall lengths, complete playlists and ensure better plannability in the cinema schedule. On more than 4,000 screens in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we enable the precise playout of campaigns so that the appropriate target group is reached at all times – quickly, flexibly and reliably.

Every year, Weischer.Q creates the pre-programme for around 7.5 million individual screenings in over 1,000 cinemas. In order to seamlessly feed the spots and campaigns into the cinemas, around 7,000 commercials are mastered in the corresponding cinema format. We maintain interfaces and relationships with distributors, manufacturers of theatre management and point-of-sale systems. In this way, we create solutions for the infrastructural challenges of the digital age and ensure that the advertisements always arrives at the right time and in the right place – fully automated and with the greatest impact.

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