We offer you a planning tool for pre-show management. This makes it easy to plan film trailers and self-promotion. Together with WEISCHERplay*, you have your entire pre-show under control: Advertising, self-content and trailers.

*WEISCHERplay is the required for using WEISCHERshow.


The Pre-Show Management System allows you to create a qualitatively cinema-appropriate advertising format with which you can set up your pre-programme with just a few clicks.
It’s that easy:

  • Create a pre-programme in just a few clicks
  • Use our extensive trailer library free of charge
  • Create your own advertising automatically via our interface in DCP format
  • Monitor and evaluate your pre-programme individually
  • Automatically adhere to the desired pre-programme length

By using optimised content planning, length fluctuations in the pre-programme can be minimised.

That’s it! The pre-programme is finished and ready for your visitors.

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