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We are Nqyer XMedia, and our goal is to bring new programmatic channels into a cross-media planning logic. In this way, we help retailers to realise their full-funnel strategy. Thus, we offer strategic and operative consulting as well as the handling of programmatic advertising campaigns.


With us, our customers ensure that their target groups are addressed with highest affinity. How this works? The playout of our campaigns is based on comprehensive targeting via the “one-to-many” media channels:

  • Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home
  • Programmatic Cinema
  • Programmatic TV

To ensure maximum flexibility, we run our campaigns exclusively programmatically and follow a cross-media planning approach. Also, to be as efficient as possible, we use a comprehensive data model. This allows us to control the campaigns in a effective way with minimal scattering.


We firmly believe in the power of data and rely on it when delivering advertising. In this way, we avoid scattering and increase the uplift in the target group. A special data model allows us to target offsite ads to specific groups based on socio-demographic factors.

The advantages that customers have with us:

  • Full service campaign management with cross-media targeting approach
  • Short-term campaign booking and flexible targeting
  • Maximum transparency in terms and conditions and targeting
  • Flexible product communication leads to relevant offer advertising
  • Uniform target group targeting via the new programmatic channels

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