Working at Weischer

A world that has seen it all. A company that is not satisfied with that. And takes up the challenge every day to create new experiences. Surprising ones. Inspiring. Convincing. As one of the leading providers for the marketing and staging of cinema, outdoor and online advertising, this is exactly what we have set out to do.

Our ambition? To shape the market – our way. By going new ways instead of following old ones. Not running after changes, but setting them in motion. Allowing ourselves freedom and welcoming others into it. And above all, living one thing: Out-of-the-box instead of pigeonhole thinking.

Why is Weischer so successful with this? Because character counts for us. Everyone, slightly different from the others, makes us what we are today: A family business where people complement and respect each other. We present a united front, but always remain open. For different perspectives and experiences, which we understand as enrichment. We are convinced that this is the only way we can grow together. As a company and as people.

The best possible placement is our daily business. Finding it for you is our ambition. With a job that fulfils you. Motivates you day after day. Offers you opportunities for development. Bringing out the best in you. And makes you say with conviction: This is where I want to be.

Mustafizur Rohman, Pascal Trigo Pires und Oliver Lindner

Our Team

Everything starts with our people: The around 400 employees are at the heart of Weischer.

In order to move forward, we believe that individual perspectives are needed. Diverse competence. Commitment with personality.

Our task in People & Organisation is to create a working environment for our approximately 500 employees in which they can develop and realise their potential. Because together with you, we want to achieve one thing above all: to be better tomorrow.


  • ÖPNV Icon Deutschlandticket
  • Entwicklung Icon Career development programmes
  • Scheck Icon Restaurant Pass and Benefit Pass
  • Empfehlung Icon Referral bonus
  • Popcorn Icon Cinema for free
  • Terminplanung Icon 30 days / year working from abroad in the EU
  • Fitness Icon Urban Sports Membership
  • Bonus Icon Various bonus models
  • Brille Icon Allowance for workplace glasses
  • Fahrrad Icon Bike leasing
  • Urlaub Icon Special leave flex vacation
  • Parken Icon Flex parking
  • Versicherung Icon Accident insurance
  • Gehhilfe Icon Partial retirement
  • Benefits Icon Company pension scheme


  • How can I apply?

    You can send us your application documents via our recruiting tool. You will find the “Apply now” button under every job offering on our careers page. With one click, a registration form will open where you will be asked to leave your contact details, among other things. In the next step, you can upload your documents and you’re done.

  • Can I also send a unsolicited application to Weischer?

    Absolutely, we are happy to accept unsolicited applications. Please also upload them via our recruiting tool. We will be happy to check your job opportunities with us.

  • Can I also start at Weischer as a lateral entrants?

    Yes, lateral entrants are very welcome. For us, the focus is first and foremost on people and their personality, but of course we also look at what professional skills you bring with you. So feel free to apply for a position that interests you and we will check how we fit together.

  • Can I apply more than once?

    Yes, you are welcome to apply for several positions that match your skills and interests. It is important to us that you mention this in your cover letter.

  • Are the job offerings on the homepage up to date?

    Yes, the offerings on our homepage are always up to date. You can therefore assume that the application process is not yet complete. If the position is successfully filled, the offering will disappear from our homepage.

  • What opportunities are there for students?

    There are definitely opportunities for students in the context of an internship, a thesis or in the form of a temporary job. Feel free to send us an unsolicited application and we will check the possibilities for your employment with us. Please be sure to state in your application which areas you are interested in. In addition, we would like you to have at least two months’ time for an internship.

  • How does the application process work?

    After we have received your complete application documents, you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt.

    We will take a close look at your documents and get back to you within seven days with feedback. If you have convinced us in the first step, we would very much like to get to know you in a personal interview. If this goes well for both sides, a second meeting will follow, where we will discuss the details and everything else.

    If we agree, all you have to do is say “yes” – welcome to the team!

  • How does an interview work at Weischer?

    We know that an upcoming interview can make you nervous and that you are excited. First and foremost, we want to get to know you as a person: Who are you? What makes you stand out? An interview is not the same for us, it is individual. Nevertheless, it follows a pattern:

    In order for you to know who is sitting across from you, your interview partners will first introduce themselves and their functions. As a rule, someone from the HR department and someone from the specialist department will conduct the interview with you.

    Of course, we are very curious about you: tell us something about yourself and the stages in your CV that are relevant to the vacant position, as well as about your professional experience. Of course, we would also like to know why you have applied to us, what interests you about the position and why you are exactly the right person.

    Your future job: After we have gained a first impression of you, we will introduce you to your possible new job and our company.

    Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them. At the end of the interview, we will discuss the next steps in the application process.

  • Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred due to an interview?

    Within Germany, we will happily reimburse your travel costs to the amount of a 2nd class train journey.

  • What further training opportunities does Weischer offer me?

    Weischer’s most important asset is the people who work for us. Accordingly, we are committed to continually investing in them and providing them with opportunities for development and advancement.

    Thus, we offer various seminars, events and also coaching, which are individually tailored to the needs of the employee. You can find more information here.

  • Can I also work part-time?

    Yes, there are various ways to start part-time with us. Together we will try to find an individual solution.

  • Does Weischer offer home office working?

    We work hybrid. That means mobile and from anywhere. That’s why we don’t call it “home office”, but “mobile office”. We don’t have a quota for mobile office across all areas, but rather individual team solutions for the exact design of mobile working.