Tobias Hefele enters the market with Nqyer XMedia

Nqyer XMedia is making its debut in the market as a company specializing in programmatic campaigns in the one-to-many environment. The Managing Director is programmatic expert Tobias Hefele.

Premiere in the German Programmatic Advertising Market

Hamburg, September 21, 2020 – Nqyer XMedia is now commencing its business operations, focusing on the implementation of programmatic campaigns in the one-to-many environment. Tobias Hefele, one of the most seasoned experts in the programmatic scene, is the Managing Director. Hefele previously established new programmatic targeting options for Digital Out of Home (DOOH) as the Director Digital & Innovation at the WPP subsidiary Kinetic Worldwide Germany. In January, he moved to Weischer Media (now Weischer) to set the course for the programmatic era in the cinema segment. Now, he takes over the leadership of the newly established Nqyer XMedia.

Programmatic steering of traditional media

With Nqyer XMedia, Tobias Hefele responds to a current market trend: Traditional media can increasingly be addressably targeted. Programmatic and cross-channel adtech structures lead to the relevance of audience targeting even for reach-based media. Today, out-of-home campaigns can already be complemented by programmatic digital screen placements. This trend is expected to be realized in the cinema segment this year, addressing audiences through programmatically purchased ad plays on the big screen. With Nqyer XMedia, Tobias Hefele now offers market consulting services that combine one-to-many media experience with adtech and data expertise.

One-to-Many approach requires different expertise

This approach requires specialized expertise since programmatic in the reach-based environment necessitates a completely different approach than in the one-to-one channels in the traditional digital environment. In one-to-many communication, the campaign’s added value lies in purchasing location and time units through comprehensive audience targeting where the campaign’s target audience is reached disproportionately.

“With our exclusive audience data model, we provide the opportunity to use DOOH and cinema media cross-channel based on audience targeting in campaigns,” says Tobias Hefele. “And it won’t stop there. Other media will prospectively develop their offerings in this direction and soon be purchasable with a comprehensive data model. This includes, for example, addressable TV or digital audio.”

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