Herrmann’s – OOH for brand awareness

Herrmanns Manufaktur is a pioneer in the field of organic pet food. The company has been producing pet food for dogs and cats since 2006. Certified organic and from species-appropriate husbandry, with predominantly regional products and species-appropriate recipes.


Not enough pet owners know that Herrmann’s Manufaktur is a pioneer in its field. To change this, the brand relies on out-of-home and mobile media to reach its target groups in and around Munich.

For this purpose, we identified cities in Upper Bavaria with a disproportionately high target group index as well as selected districts in Munich. We occupied the most important advertising media over a period of four weeks (September/October 2021).

The Playout

The basis of the campaign was thus formed by over 800 billboards in 180 locations, which could not be overlooked due to their attention-grabbing humorous headlines. But that was not all: in order to reach all potential buyers, we extended the campaign with in-app ads on smartphones. Mobile geo-fences were placed around the selected OOH advertising media. In this way, all those who moved within the fence were reached again in a targeted manner. In this way, the one-to-many medium OOH could be extended to a one-to-one approach and the users could be guided directly to the Herrmanns online shop.

In addition, to maximise the reach, mobile ads were placed in the entire campaign area with target group targeting on “dog owners” and “visitors to Fressnapf shops” and also led directly to the website.

Herrmann's Manufaktur Kampagne


Through the pure out-of-home campaign in Bavaria, we were able to reach over 11 million gross contacts and 53.1 percent in the target group.

An intensified mobile approach to the target group was made possible through the combination of different approaches via the in-app ads and achieved relevant traffic to the online shop.

The geo-fencing around the poster locations also created an important double impact among the poster viewers and generated valuable multiple contacts. The click rates of the entire campaign are very good and above average in the mobile sector. Of all the approaches, geo-fencing around the OOH locations performed the best and achieved the best click rates. This shows once again that the interaction of (D)OOH and mobile works and that we were able to convince the target group of Herrmann’s Manufaktur in a targeted manner.