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We take your online advertising campaign to the next level. Our customers have access to one of the largest cinema and entertainment networks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So you’ve found just the right place to let your online advertising shine in a cinematic environment.

Customised targeting for your campaign

To help you get the most out of your campaigns, we offer you a wide selection of advertising formats that can be specified by different targeting options. For example, you can target by film, genre or cinema. How about time of day, day of the week, time slots or geographical factors such as AC-Nielsen areas, metropolitan areas, states, cities, counties or postcodes (on 3-digit basis)? Everything is possible.

Advertising formats for desktop campaigns

For desktop advertisements, you have the different choises. For example:

  • InStream Preroll and Midroll / your ad is shown before or during an online video
  • Fireplace / an interactive banner that floats on the screen
  • Topbanner / allows you to present your brand in an eye-catching way on every page
  • Hero image / a large, striking banner ad located at the top of the page
  • Skyscraper / a vertical banner ad placed either on the left or right of a page
  • Half Page Ad / your ad on half the page of the web page

Advertising formats for Mobile Campaigns

People don’t just sit in front of their desktops all day, they are out and about – with friends, shopping or on their way to work. To adress mobile target groups, we have ad formats as well:

  • Swipe Ad / an interactive ad format that allows swiping through different content
  • Splash Ad / a full screen ad that is displayed when a mobile app is launched.
  • Interscroller / when scrolling a mobile page, the ad moves up or down
  • InStream Preroll and Midroll / your ad plays before or during an online video
  • Mobile Medium Rectangle / a medium sized rectangular banner ad
  • Mobile Brandbuster / a full-screen, interactive ad

With us, our clients can target their online advertising campaigns to their specific audiences for maximum impact. Get in touch to learn more about our advertising formats and plan your next online campaign.


  • Weischer.Online Advertising Rates 2023

    All information out of one source: Our advertising rates offer you the most important information about our work, our services and everything you need to know about us.

    Download (PDF, 6 MB)
  • Weischer.Online Specifications 2023

    Formats, delivery of advertising material, lead times: Everything you need to know about our products and the workflow with us can be found in our specifications.

    Download (PDF, 505 KB)

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