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In an increasingly connected world, the importance of data has grown exponentially. Our Geo Solutions provide precise geolocated information to target media campaigns, reach audiences better and optimise market entry into new regions. From geo-targeting strategies to detailed location analysis, we make sure your message reaches exactly where it will have the most impact.


Modern communication needs focus. Companies don’t just want to be seen, they want to be seen by the right people. In a world of constant distractions and information overload, effective communication is more challenging than ever. Our goal is to provide effective and advanced data solutions that ensure the success of our clients and partners.

With a combination of proprietary audience insights and geo-based modelling, we rediscover our clients’ audiences. We locate movement patterns and mindsets of people in public spaces and find the right place and time for your communication.

Based on our data-driven intelligence, we help our clients to make better-informed decisions about where and when communication best meets their goals, and to select the most effective and efficient media channels. All media channels that can be selected hyperlocally are recommended for the selection of media and the playout of advertising media.

  • (D)OOH
  • Mobile
  • Digital Audio
  • Addressable TV
  • Print
  • Cinema
  • Retail Media

The advantage for our clients and partners is cross-media planning, which is carried out entirely via geo-layers, provides media recommendations based on spatio-temporal simulations and the resulting effective media purchasing.


By integrating information about geographic locations and movement patterns, companies can gain important insights into people’s behaviour in space. Geospatial data provides precise information about the static world, while mobility data and behavioural data dynamically look at people’s movements and interests.

Who are the customers in the catchment area? Where can similar target group structures be found? What does the competitive environment look like? Where should the next branch be opened? Every good decision depends on good data. We advise our customers, identify new potential and help them make better informed decisions.

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