Programmatic Cinema

Focus on your target group with Programmatic Cinema from Weischer.Cinema. For advertising customers, our programmatically bookable cinema advertising opens up new possibilities for addressing your target group in a targeted manner.

With Programmatic Cinema, customers and agencies can programmatically bring their spots to the big screen. Using our Audience Focus, the target group is consistently placed at the center of the booking. The starting point is pre-targeting based on common socio-demographic attributes such as age, gender, education, or net household income.

Based on these attributes, we determine on which days and at what time the desired target group can be reached in the cinema. A combination of different data sources, including the GfK Consumer Panel and polygonal geotargeting of the cinema locations via the data provider Adsquare, allows us to make a reliable identification. The campaign is booked via Demand Side Platform (DSP), which can also be used to track the contacts delivered in the cinema in real time.

By consistently aligning the booking logic with the target group, Audience Focus complements classic booking options such as Movie Focus or Screen Focus, which are based on selected films or preferred cinema locations. The programmatic booking of cinema advertising is currently carried out exclusively as part of guaranteed deals – in other words, typical cinema: guaranteed playout, brand-safe and with transparent billing based on actual contacts.

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