“We can be the capital”: Berlin Police places ads in cinemas

Improving image, creating more recognition within the population – and also boosting recruitment: The Berlin Police has set high goals for its current campaign “We can be the capital”. “We want to show who we are and what we achieve,” says the police president. Thus, it’s no wonder that for the new image campaign, they chose the emotionally powerful medium of cinema.


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The 40-second image film of the Berlin Police shows numerous short scenes, demonstrating the diversity of police work: Besides patrol duty, traffic control, and interventions at demonstrations, there are scenes featuring a bicycle patrol, a special operations command (SEK), the water police, and of course, the criminal police. Scenes of accompanying football matches or securing state visits are also shown, along with short slogans like “Can handle May 1st” or “Can handle snow” (alongside images of a cocaine find…). The spot is shown in the small halls of major cinemas in Berlin – for example, at the UCI at Mercedes-Platz, Zoo Palast, or the Cinemaxx at Potsdamer Platz.


In addition to the film, eight poster motifs have also been placed throughout the capital. They illustrate portraits of real police officers – combined with slogans like “Can handle lakes. Can handle Spree River.”, “Can handle crime scenes. Can be present.”, or “Can type. Can catch thieves.”

With this campaign, the Berlin Police aims to advertise for more recognition and respect amongst the population. At the same time, the image campaign “We can be the capital” is intended to attract young people to be interested in and apply for jobs as police officers, says Police President Barbara Slowik.

By showcasing colleagues, respect for the police should be increased to also reduce violence against police officers, says Slowik. “Only those who take themselves seriously will be taken seriously.” This is by no means contrary to the appearance as a friendly citizen police force. However, the poster and cinema campaign should not only outwardly present “who we are and what we achieve,” says the police president. The campaign should also have an internal impact and strengthen the self-confidence of police officers.