The “Gas Station Market Report” is making a comeback in 2021

The companies The Retail Marketeers and Weischer.GeoConsult have bundled their industry and expertise in a practical guide: “What revenues and margins do gas station entrepreneurs generate?”, “Which consumers are particularly shop-savvy?”, “How do German gas stations compare internationally?”, “What impact does the increasing electromobility have on the retail business?”, or “What does the customer journey look like at the gas station?” And above all: “What recommendations do industry insiders give gas station entrepreneurs for 2021 and the following years?” All these questions are answered in the report based on case studies of international industry leaders.

The over 200-page printed market report compiles all relevant information in a clear manner that every market participant should know. “With this report, we want to give every industry participant the opportunity to quickly and comprehensively familiarize themselves with the gas station market in Germany. Ideal for onboarding newcomers with regards to MÖGs, foodvenience wholesalers, and CPG manufacturers. But also, long-time gas station professionals can look forward to surprising facts, new insights, and concrete recommendations for the necessary redesign of their CVP,” reports gas station expert and The Retail Marketeers Managing Director Christian Warning enthusiastically and adds that “the new standard work finally includes a glossary with all industry-specific buzzwords.”

“We are pleased to have developed another ‘New-to-Industry’ practical tool for the gas station industry, in addition to our geo-location reports,” explains Dirk Lüger, Managing Director of Weischer.GeoConsult. “A perfect combination of data and industry knowledge.”

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