The Big Outdoor

The evenings are getting longer and warmer. Summer is on the horizon and the desire to spend more time outdoors is increasing. This is the starting signal for the open-air cinema season! Here, the open-air feeling, film enthusiasm and the feeling of the end of the day merge into a perfect atmosphere for getting out and about.

More film in the open air

The choice of events is greater than ever. In 2024, there is even an increase of almost 20 per cent compared to last year. Even more opportunities to watch a good film outdoors with friends or family and get carried away by the exciting, romantic or humorous plot. The chosen film sometimes even seems secondary, as some open-air cinemas are set in beautiful locations against stunning backdrops. Brands that present themselves in this setting benefit from this mood and the relaxed atmosphere.

Are you interested in a presence on the large outdoor screen or one of the many below-the-line measures? Then get in touch with us and we’ll see what suits you best.

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