Sustainability report on recycled advertising posters

Weischer has published a sustainability report. What makes it special: the graphically elaborate booklet not only includes detailed figures on resource consumption but is also environmentally friendly, made from old advertising posters.

Hamburg, August 22, 2022 – Weischer has released a sustainable sustainability report, marking the first time a German media agency has done so. The graphically elaborate booklet not only includes detailed figures on resource consumption but is also environmentally friendly, crafted from old cinema and advertising posters. Each page of the report, as well as its cover, has been individually cut and printed from these recycled materials. This makes each of the 50 copies a unique piece, available only for loan and intended to be returned so that it can be borrowed by other interested parties. The central point for loaning is the landing page.


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With this sustainably produced sustainability report, Weischer emphasizes the importance of its social and environmental commitment. The company has been actively engaged in the UN SDG Action Campaign for eight years and, since 2019, as the world’s first official “Supporting Partner.” Weischer is also involved in various sustainable initiatives, including its recent project “Weischer.Green,” allowing for the booking of climate-neutral out-of-home campaigns since June 2020. The company plans to play out all OOH media campaigns in a climate-neutral manner from September of this year, without additional costs to customers. Unavoidable emissions will be offset by Weischer’s investment in a reforestation project in Indonesia.

In its sustainability report, Weischer details its own resource consumption according to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI). In 2021, for example, the company caused 438 tons of greenhouse gases, with the fleet, commuting, and district heating being the major sources of emissions. Approximately 35,000 trees are needed to offset this CO2 output. The report also meticulously documents material consumption, such as paper, purchased IT hardware, and waste. The report highlights significant reductions achieved in these areas over the past years. The long-term goal, according to Chief Marketing Officer Moritz Weischer, is to achieve a carbon-neutral business operation along the entire value chain.

Numerous measures have helped Weischer reach this goal within its own company: Since April 2022, Weischer has been carbon-neutral in Germany. This was achieved through a consistent reduction of the company’s own CO2 emissions, with 482 tons being offset by supporting a climate protection project in Sierra Leone. The aim is to significantly reduce overall emissions by 2030, averaging an additional six percent reduction each year. “Sustainability is a collective effort for us,” says Moritz Weischer. “It is supported and sustained by all employees, executives, and entities within the Weischer Group. Together, we want to actively accompany sustainable change and make significant contributions.”

The sustainability report will be published annually from now on, with Moritz Weischer and Stephan Dahm, Chief Commercial Officer at Weischer.JvB, taking responsibility. UNO INO, Nuremberg, provided consulting for the report, while editing and design were carried out by Faktor 3 from Hamburg. Weischer’s unique sustainability report made from old advertising posters underscores the company’s environmental commitment.

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