Mr. Media Thomas Koch in Interview

Oberwasser enters the podcast realm! In our Oberwasser series, we take the time to speak with decision-makers and specialists from the communications industry and get to the heart of the matter. Our podcast delivers substantial insights into the business and the industry from those who know it best. So, don’t miss out!

In conversation with Mr. Media

In the latest Oberwasser episode, Franzi interviews “Mr. Media” Thomas Koch – entirely digitally via Microsoft Teams. She talks to him about the era of COVID-19 and its impacts, and of course, about “his” topic; the world of media.

As a teaser, we’ve compiled some exciting quotes from the interview:

  • “If this crisis prompts us to reflect on our stance, then we have gained a lot.”
  • “Germany struggles with empathetic advertising. We often forget that our target audience are real people and not just clicks.”
  • “Contacts have never been comparable, and the impact depends on so many components. If there were a way to successfully compare genres, we would have found it long ago!”
  • “Campaign successes depend on creativity and how well the target audience is understood.”

Enjoy listening!

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