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The Hamburg-based consortium Weischer.Media will now be operating under the name Weischer. The sub-brands will be clearly assigned to the umbrella brand. The new strategy also reflects the significant increase in the company’s importance within the media industry in recent years.

Hamburg, January 31, 2020 – Weischer.Media, one of the leading marketers for cinema, outdoor, and online advertising, is entering the new decade with a new corporate identity. From now on, the corporate group will operate under Weischer. The individual sub-brands and subsidiaries of the corporate group will be assigned to the new umbrella brand, clearly defining their affiliation. WerbeWeischer, the leading cinema marketer in the German-speaking world, will operate under Weischer.Cinema. Jost von Brandis, the agency for the mobile customer journey, will now operate under Weischer.JvB. Other companies that will be attached to the umbrella brand Weischer in the future include Weischer.Online, Weischer.Q, and Weischer.GeoConsult.

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Weischer’s new umbrella brand strategy also reflects a growing self-confidence. It demonstrates that the significance of the Hamburg-based family business has greatly increased within the media industry in recent years, and the individual business fields and cultures are no longer separable. “Until now, we have always seen ourselves as a part of a longer service chain from the customer to advertising in the media,” says Florian Weischer, Chairman of Weischer. “We have now moved much closer to the customer and develop communication solutions for them that are no longer limited to individual media. We are already playing an important role in areas such as data analysis, consulting, or IT implementation,” adds Marcus Weischer, Chairman of Weischer.

The symbol and logo element within the new corporate identity is the letter “W” as a stylized wave. This symbolizes the constant change of markets but also the aspiration for the company to always remain in motion and actively shape change. At the same time, the wave refers to the Hamburg location and the founder Hans Weischer, who had a special passion for sailing. Differentiation of the individual sub-brands is achieved through color codes. The new CI was created by the agency Karl Anders, Hamburg.

“The new umbrella brand strategy also shows that we are further opening up to new business fields and can naturally take our place there,” says Florian Weischer. The company was founded in 1954 by Hans Weischer as a specialized agency for cinema advertising. 18 years ago, it was formed into a holding company, under which various companies in cinema and outdoor advertising were grouped together. This then led to the formation of the Weischer Media Group and later Weischer.Media. From now on, employees will simply say, “I work at Weischer.”

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