Dolomiti Superski launches first AI-DOOH campaign in Germany

The campaign was created together with Weischer.JvB, Saint Elmos Tourism and NFQ | Digital Creatives. In addition to a comprehensive DCO approach, the newly developed tools “” and “Weischer.TRACE” were used for the campaign. This takes addressing the relevant target groups via programmatic DOOH to a new level.

Mostly bright blue skies, a breathtaking panorama and slopes that make the hearts of all winter sports fans beat faster: The Dolomites in South Tyrol, Trentino and Veneto are a holiday region with a special appeal for skiers and snowboarders. From 19 February, winter sports fans in Munich and Stuttgart will be reminded of this once again. This is when Dolomiti Superski, an association of twelve ski resorts, is launching a DOOH campaign that is exceptional for several reasons:

With “Weischer”, the first step was to analyse and compile target groups using a wide variety of data points. For example, web usage, user behaviour, preferences for wellness and winter sports as well as affinities to certain brands and psychographic characteristics all played a role. The target groups modelled in this way were then located in space. Mobility data can then be used to determine exactly when the relevant target groups pass by the DOOH screens. The target group segments generated in this way are activated for programmatic targeting in the DSP via “Weischer.TRACE”.

But that’s not all: in good weather, the DOOH screens show live images from the webcams with temperature information from the Dolomites and the individual ski resorts. In all other weather conditions, motifs are played by generative AI, i.e. an image and text-generating AI, to suit the target groups and the theme worlds using a dynamic video approach. “This allows an almost infinite number of spot variations to be created without any manual effort. DOOH contact is only purchased if the target group is also disproportionately strongly represented at the location,” explains Tobias Hefele, CEO Weischer.JvB.

Artificial intelligence therefore not only plays a key role in the creation of motifs, but also in target group segmentation, the programmatic activation of DOOH screens and the automated playout of the motifs. “This makes the campaign for Dolomiti Superski the first DOOH campaign in Germany in which artificial intelligence is a key component at all levels,” says Tobias Hefele. “This takes DOOH to a whole new level and will significantly increase its impact.”


The campaign for Dolomiti Superski starts on 19 February. The motifs can be seen on around 800 screens in the cities of Munich and Stuttgart. The campaign was created in collaboration with Saint Elmo’s Tourism, which specialises in marketing for destinations, tourism associations, hotels, restaurants and the sports and leisure industry. NFQ | Digital Creatives is responsible for the creation of the dynamic video approach and the AI creation.

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