10 Questions for Thomas Kietsch

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  • Name: Thomas Kietsch
  • Job / Company: Mediaplan GmbH
  • My Corona skill (things I learned during Corona): Equanimity
Thomas Kietsch
  1. On which platform were you most active during the lockdown, and what content did you consume on it?
    Bild.de, specifically the section regarding the Corona crisis.
  2. How do you manage to stay professionally and personally connected despite the distance?
    Phone, Windows Teams, WhatsApp, and occasionally in person meetings with the appropriate distance.
  3. Since Corona, no day has been the same, and decisions made yesterday may not matter today. How do you motivate yourself daily?
    By striving to keep our business reasonably stable throughout the crisis and securing all customer relationships and our jobs.
  4. How will the Corona crisis influence your work environment long term?
    Business trips will become less frequent and more selective.
  5. Do you think Germany needed Corona to advance digital transformation?
    No one needed Corona, certainly not our country or the world!
  6. Who is your “hidden champion” in the Corona crisis?
    I don’t have one…
  7. Is Corona still a dominant topic for you, or are issues like #blacklivesmatters, Trump, or the next vacation more important?
    Corona has been shaping our daily lives for more than five months and will continue to do so. Therefore, it will remain the predominant topic.
  8. Do you think Corona has made you and all of us more critical? (Protests on the streets, criticism on Facebook, etc.)
    I fear, unfortunately not.
  9. Do you believe brands/companies should react to these issues now, or is it better to ignore them?
    Companies and brands reacted at the beginning of the crisis. Today, the crisis is almost part of our daily lives, and people long for normalcy, not discussions about the crisis.
  10. Your tip to stay afloat during Corona
    Remain cool, don’t hysterically chase every topic, simply stay calm and composed, even if it’s challenging at times.