10 Questions for Nina Matzat

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  • Name: Nina Louisa Matzat
  • Job / Company: General Manager Serviceplan DCNTRL by Serviceplan Group
  • My Corona skill (things I learned during Corona): DIY sourdough bread, stand-up paddleboarding, and a lot of enlightenment and further education in my field.
Nina Louisa Matzat
  1. On which platform were you most active during the lockdown, and what content did you consume on it?
    Instagram Stories from friends worldwide, NYT – USA, Netflix & Co – watched them all ūüėČ
  2. How do you manage to stay professionally and personally connected despite the distance?
    WhatsApp, Zoom & Co, Instagram, and walks in the parks/Elbstrand/Heide.
  3. Since Corona, no day has been the same, and decisions made yesterday may not matter today. How do you motivate yourself daily?
    Routines! Wake up, pet the dog, meditate, exercise, Matcha, walk, it’s on!
  4. How will the Corona crisis influence your work environment long term?
    Digitize or die, consolidation in agencies, Freelance > Full-time.
  5. Do you think Germany needed Corona to advance digital transformation?
    I believe Corona is far from enough given the backlog.
  6. Who is your “hidden champion” in the Corona crisis?
    All of the women rocking job, homeschooling, childcare, and household!
  7. Is Corona still a dominant topic for you, or are issues like #blacklivesmatters, Trump, or the next vacation more important?
    Family health, personal workload, personal growth, and the situation in the USA.
  8. Do you think Corona has made you and all of us more critical?
    Crises catalyze systemic problems, and the revolution is long overdue.
  9. Do you believe brands/companies should react to these issues now, or is it better to ignore them?
    Take it seriously, with all of its transformative consequences ‚Äď or leave it. Walk the talk.
  10. Your tip to stay afloat during Corona
    This too shall pass. Stick together and roll up your sleeves. And cuddle with dogs ūüėČ