10 Questions for Karl Wolfgang Epple

In our format “Oberwasser,” we take the time to engage with decision-makers and specialists in the communication industry, gaining thought-provoking insights. In Oberwasser werden substanzielle Insights zum Business und der Branche geliefert, von denen, die es genau wissen, wie Karl Wolfgang Epple.

  • Name: Karl Wolfgang Epple
  • Job / Company: Independent Creative Director
  • My Corona skill (things I learned during Corona): I learned to read again (Shoutout to Martin Suter).
Karl Wolfgang Epple
  1. On which platform were you most active during the lockdown, and what content did you consume on it?
    I eventually had enough of Banana Bread on Instagram and bought a Masterclass subscription. So far, I’ve taken literature courses by Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, and Dan Brown. Highly recommended.
  2. How do you manage to stay professionally and personally connected despite the distance?
    With the *fire emoji*, *clap emoji* and *100 emoji* in Instagram stories.
  3. Since Corona, no day has been the same, and decisions made yesterday may not matter today. How do you motivate yourself daily?
    Be water, my friend.
  4. How will the Corona crisis influence your work environment long term?
    I am a big fan of personal meetings at agencies, which will probably be less common now. We just have to be careful not to set up a video call for every little thing in the future. Sometimes a regular phone call or a message is sufficient. In digital juries, for example, I have noticed that the jurors have much more time to search for duplicates. This increases the quality of the awards, but the exchange suffers.
  5. Do you think Germany needed Corona to advance digital transformation?
    No. I empathize with everyone who lost a loved one to Covid. Whether some company installed Zoom is irrelevant to me against this backdrop.
  6. Who is your “hidden champion” in the Corona crisis?
    Ida Kaminski. Whilst bored during the lockdown, she discovered photography, shot a lamb calendar, published and sold it for a good cause. The 13-year-old showed a level of initiative that is sometimes even missing in many professional creatives.
  7. Is Corona still a dominant topic for you, or are issues like #blacklivesmatters, Trump, or the next vacation more important?
    I experienced what it’s like to be ruled by Trump for the first time most recently. This makes one more sensitive to issues like #BlackLivesMatter. As I will continue to design communication for internationally active brands, I will try to maintain this sensitivity. Even if you don’t believe you’re in a bubble, you are in one.
  8. Do you think Corona has made you and all of us more critical?
    It’s a tug of war between wanting to contribute more publicly and wanting to cherish one’s own little life. Family, friends, neighbors.
  9. Do you believe brands/companies should react to these issues now, or is it better to ignore them?
    Only if they can contribute something helpful.
  10. Your tip to stay afloat during Corona
    Discipline. Never be negligent when it comes to distance, masks, etc. Discipline also helps with work, cooking, cleaning – very important: even during breaks.