OoH loves Mobile

Out-of-Home (OOH) and Mobile are highly effective when combined, as they complement each other perfectly in their characteristics. OOH provides reach, builds a brand long-term, and also arouses short-term interest. This medium creates a broad foundation for brand messages. Mobile then picks up the thread and extends the campaign to consumers’ smartphones. Brand loyalty is reinforced by generating further contacts with the campaign and personalizing the messages. This way, the Mobile Customer Journey can be continued alongside the purchasing process. By combining Out-of-Home and Mobile, the advantages of both worlds can be optimally combined to bridge the gap from the offline to the online world.

WallDecaux has dedicated a “Media Insight” to this topic. You can find the entire series online at: MEDIA INSIGHTS.

In workshops with participants from Generations Y and Z, “10 Golden Rules” were established for the combination of these two media channels.

10 Golden Rules

  1. Build connections: Do not think of OOH and Mobile separately, but closely integrate the two channels in the design and media planning.
  2. Design messages specific to each channel without jeopardizing the unified campaign perception.
  3. Keep the time intervals between OOH and Mobile use small.
  4. Recognition of the campaign through a key visual.
  5. Considering the context increases the acceptance of advertising.
  6. High aesthetic standards with appealing design enhance the positive perception of the campaign.
  7. Clearly formulated messages increase advertising effectiveness.
  8. A call-to-action intensifies brand loyalty.
  9. Moving image formats enable attention-grabbing storytelling.
  10. A guiding idea, played across various channels and connected with seamless transitions, allows for optimal guidance of consumers on their Customer Journey.


When OOH and Mobile are planned and used together in this way, reach-intensive and activating campaigns of great relevance for target groups can be created. The art lies in combining the creative and technical specificities of the two media channels into a unified campaign perception.