You’ve never seen that before: The interactive app REDyPLAY allows cinema-goers to play a videogame together on the big screen. A completely new place to display your campaign.

With REDyPLAY, brands can create individual gaming experiences on the big screen. The approx. 6-minute game runs at the beginning of the pre-show programme and offers cinema-goers a completely new – in the truest sense of the word – playful opportunity to interact with your products. The app ecosystem also offers many opportunities for customer loyalty programmes, such as competitions and retargeting options. And, of course, users can still enjoy their special hero moment as a game winner on the big screen. REDyPLAY is available free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.


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Users can create an account (avatar) and play directly with friends or other visitors in the cinema. If you want to give visitors a special incentive to gamble, you can also offer prizes for the winners. These can be redeemed directly in the cinema. Since it’s so much fun, the game also continues in-app for users after their visit to the cinema.

As a rule of thumb, REDyPLAY campaigns run for at least four weeks and require at least two weeks of preparation time due to the individual requirements of the game or campaign mechanism. Of course, longer campaigns are also possible. Currently, there are REDyPLAY campaigns on over 200 screens across Germany.

  • Over 150,000 app downloads
    Over 9 million annual contacts
    85 percent of all winners redeem their prize immediately after winning
    47 percent of all cinema screenings start with at least one REDyPLAYER
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