Cinema Ambient

When it comes to ambience, there’s a lot going on in the cinema. There are many ways to present yourself and your products.

Individual Events

The cinema is a place for emotions and encounters. That’s why it can be used very well for special productions. There are almost no limits to the imagination of our customers. No matter whether you want to organise an event for your target group, an individual customer event or a special promotion in the cinema: We have a solution or create an unprecedented experience for you.

We will find out together what is possible.

Cinema Domination

Sometimes it has to be a little more. For brands that need to make a grand entrance, we have the right service: Cinema Domination. As the name suggests, you create absolute dominance in the cinema environment – nothing more is possible. With us, you can occupy all classic and billboard spots with your campaign in the cinema. This way, no one will miss your message.

Cinema Domination is available nationwide in many German cinemas. You need to plan about eight weeks in advance for the implementation, whereby there is a minimum booking unit: one cinema, for four weeks. Of course, you are free to choose your own formats and we will support you with the concept and planning.


An absolute must-have in the out-of-home segment are billboards. And they don’t just work on the streets, but also in the premium environment of the cinema. For big attention away from the screen, billbooards are used in the indoor and outdoor areas of cinemas. This way, visitors are guaranteed not to miss your message.

Billboards in various formats are available in 30 cinemas nationwide. You need to plan about three weeks in advance. The smallest unit is a large space in a cinema.

Digital Screens

A real eye-catcher in the Below-The-Line portfolio: digital screens and steles. They can play high-resolution soundless still or moving image sequences with a length of about ten seconds. You can place your campaign on screens in over 180 cinemas all over Germany, which can also be timed.

You must plan at least ten days in ahead before the start of the campaign. The smallest booking unit is one cinema for 14 days.

Of course, we will be happy to help you with the implementation and staging!

Car Placement

We also have something for car fans and those of you who bring vehicles to customers: a parking space directly in the cinema foyer! This way, you can show off your jewel and attract a lot of attention.

Placing a car is very attention-grabbing, but it also needs some time to be executed. Preperation time is about two months. Unfortunately, the placement is not possible in every German cinema, as car accessibility must be guaranteed. The minimum occupancy is one cinema for one day. We will dertermine together how and in which cinema your car is placed best.

Display Placement

Make the cinema your stage! You can choose from a wide range of different advertising media. For example, place your stands, poster displays, roll-up banners or prize game dispensers and much more in the cinema foyer and integrate flyers and response mechanisms. This is how you can present yourself in an striking fashion in the premium environment. The stage is yours!

Display placements are available in many cinemas nationwide. You must plan at least three weeks in advance for your campaign. The smallest booking unit is one display per cinema for one week. We will dertermine together, which placement is best for your campaign and your goals!


Sampling is a classic form of direct marketing and is suitable for a wide variaty of products. Product samples or other advertising material is handed out to visitors by cinema staff. This can be done at the box office, the concession or at admission control.

If you want to place your product in most premium advertising environment, sampling is the way to go. Be sure to plan up to three weeks of preperation time before roll out. Take into account minimum quantities for your campaign – 1,000 pieces per cinema is the smallest unit. Sampling opportunities are available in almost all cinemas nationwide. You can target product samples, flyers and other advertising material according to gender, film or target group. So you always reach the right people.


Attention is the name of the game. So you don’t get too little of it, we have suitable promotion concepts for you – with and without a booths.

You should plan about three weeks in advance for the implementation of your campaign or idea. It is possible to book a booth in many cinemas throughout Germany, but there is a minimum booking requirement: at least one cinema and for at least one day. The format or size of your promotion space depends on the size of the cinema foyer. As a rule, however, you have about 3x3m of space or more to present yourself.

Sounds good? Well, it is!

DIN A1 Posters

There is plenty of room for creative advertising in cinemas for our customers – not only on the big screen. Various advertising options can also be placed in the foyer. DIN A1 posters are a very special eye-catcher. You can use them to spice up the foyer with your branding in an striking way.

DIN A1 posters are available nationwide in many smaller cinemas and art house cinemas. You need to plan at least three weeks in advance, with a minimum quantity of one DIN A1 poster per cinema.


Everyone knows the drill: A quick trip to the restrooms right before the film starts. You don’t want to miss anything from the film, do you? Well, we have a few options so that our clients can grab the attention of movie-goers right there in this place of peace and comfort. Among other services, we offer the placement of mirror stickers (DIN A5 format) or DIN A3 posters in the restroom areas. This gives our clients the advantage of being able to target their campaign by gender.

You should plan at least 21 days in advance before campaign start so that everything works out with the logistics in the approx. 100 cinemas that are available nationwide. As smallest booking unit, at least one cinema must be booked for 14 days. Of course, the individual quantities vary depending on the size of the movie theatres. We will be happy to advise you so that you get the right messages placed.

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