Weischer.JvB introduces AI-based (D)OOH campaign planning

A turning point in the planning of outdoor advertising: Weischer.JvB launches an AI-supported data model for the optimisation of classic and digital OOH campaigns. Mafo data will now be matched with ID-based, daily updated online data.

Hamburg, January 23, 2024 Weischer.JvB is now using artificial intelligence to plan campaigns and analyse target groups. Under the name “Weischer audiences.ai”, the company is introducing an AI-supported method that represents a significant departure from the media planning methods used to date. In addition to the results of traditional market media studies, “Weischer audiences.ai” also takes into account several million daily updated data points. This makes it possible to react to the behaviour of each target group almost in real time.

Specifically, “Weischer audiences.ai” processes daily data points from a variety of sources, such as traditional market research (census), scientific surveys, TV, video and audio streaming data, as well as semantic content analyses of news and brand websites and social media. This data is enriched with mobility and frequency data, analysed, sorted and transferred into a structured network with over 70,000 attributes from different categories. “This allows us to reach target groups in public spaces in a depth and breadth that the genre has never experienced before,” explains Tobias Hefele, CEO of Weischer.JvB. “This is the consistent further development of our leading data expertise. It enables our customers to utilise classic OOH and digital, programmatic OOH campaigns on a future-proof and superior target group model.”

This new approach to target group analysis is made possible by a collaboration between Weischer.JvB and the AI development studio ERASON. With its AI market research solution AIlon, the Lüneburg-based company operates the most comprehensive agile market media study to date, which is based on a collection of seven and a half million anonymised digital profiles. These are now linked with specific OOH data and movement and behaviour-related data from Weischer.JvB. “With ‘Weischer audiences.ai’, we dive deep into the reality of the lives of advertisers’ target groups, capture all the topics that move people and thus enable the modelling of almost any target group,” says Simon Kloos, Chief Growth Officer of Weischer.JvB. The final target group data can then be geocoded in the last step and projected down to the smallest spatial units. Kloos: “This creates a plan that can be used to activate the desired target group in public spaces more effectively and efficiently than ever before.”

Initial studies show that AI-optimised media planning leads to clear successes. By playing out the campaign in areas that are highly relevant to the target group at the relevant time, the KPIs are improved by an average double-digit percentage.

“It is exciting to see how AI-supported targeting is now also being transferred to the OOH market and leading to optimised campaign KPIs there, as well as in the digital space. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Weischer.JvB,” says Niklas Maximilian Mrutzek, founder and Head of Consulting at ERASON.

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