Weischer.Cinema ignites second programmatic stage

With “Programmatic Flex Targeting,” audiences in cinemas can now be programmatically targeted based on their affinities – a first for the cinema advertising medium.

Hamburg, July 1, 2023  – With the introduction of Programmatic Cinema in July 2022, customers were initially offered four socio-demographic targeting options at the launch. During this first phase, it was possible to target specific groups based on gender, age, education, and household income.

Since July 1, 2023, Programmatic customers can now target their audiences in cinemas based on their affinities, interests, purchase intentions, or willingness to switch. The basis for this is the MBI data, which maps mobile-based movement profiles into micro-cells. Since these micro-cell data are compatible with the data from the Best for Planning (b4p) study, all target audience profiles that can be depicted there can also be booked and targeted through Programmatic Cinema.

“Germany was the first country in 2022 where programmatic advertising bookings on the big screen was enables,” says Stefan Kuhlow, CEO of Weischer.Cinema, adding: “With ‘Programmatic Flex Targeting,’ we are now taking the next logical step in the evolution of the digital cinema advertising medium.”

“In the past few months, it has already been demonstrated that Programmatic Cinema can deliver up to an 80 percent uplift in audience reach,” says John Schmidt, Head of Sales Programmatic Cinema at Weischer.Cinema. “Our new data foundation now allows for an even more precise targeting of otherwise difficult-to-reach audiences – for example, infrequent users of linear TV.”

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