Campaign against homelessness in Cologne

Weischer.JvB in Cologne, Wall, and the creative agency KreativRealisten have joined forces to initiate an out-of-home (OOH) campaign against homelessness in Cologne. Companies and advertisers can participate in this charitable initiative, with donations going to the “Arche für Obdachlose” association.

Cologne, August 15, 2022

Approximately 6,000 people are considered homeless in Cologne, with around 300 estimated to live permanently on the streets. Many face precarious living conditions, making homelessness a visible and urgent societal issue that surpasses the situation in some major American cities.

Weischer.JvB in Cologne, the outdoor advertising company Wall, and the creative agency KreativRealisten refuse to accept this state of affairs and have decided to take active steps against it. Together, they’ve launched an OOH campaign under the motto: “Give a Home to 111 People Experiencing Homelessness.” Volunteers can contribute donations of 1.11 euros, 11.11 euros, 111.11 euros, or any other amount.

The funds raised will go to the association “Arche für Obdachlose e.V.,” founded by well-known individuals on Rosenmontag 2021. The association aims to use donations to sustainably improve the situation of homeless individuals and collaborate with the city to create emergency shelters and housing. “Our goal is not just to provide temporary relief or distribute sleeping bags and coffee during the winter but to contribute to the end of homelessness. We extend our gratitude to Frank-Oliver Kraus of KreativRealisten and his team, as well as Martin Kleber of Wall, with whom we initiated this campaign together!” says Dirk Assenmacher, authorized signatory and Head of the Cologne office at Weischer.JvB in Cologne. “We want OOH to be beautiful for everyone!”

Martin Kleber, Sales Office Manager at Wall and a Cologne resident himself, states: “I was immediately excited by Dirk Assenmacher’s idea for a joint campaign addressing homelessness and providing active assistance. With our media, we can contribute to attracting even more supporters.”

Other companies can join the campaign by Weischer.JvB Cologne, Wall, and the KreativRealisten. Until August 31, it’s still possible to integrate company logos into the campaign motifs. The first motif of the campaign will be presented on August 15 during an internal event by Weischer.JvB, where Günter Wallraff will participate in a discussion. The campaign will become publicly visible in Cologne at the beginning of October and will run until the end of March 2023.

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